Language Evolution and Computation Bibliography

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Proceedings :: SAB96
On simulating the evolution of communicationPDF
SAB96, 1996
Abstract The prospects for modelling the evolution of communication are considered, including the problem of intentional explanation, and the possibility of grounding simulation work in theoretical biology. The seminal work of MacLennan and Burghardt [16] on the ...
The Evolution of communication schemes over continuous channelsPDF
SAB96, 1996
Abstract Many problems impede the design of multiagent systems, not the least of which is the passing of information between agents. While others hand implement communication routes and semantics, we explore a method by which communication can evolve. In the ...
Emergent Adaptive LexiconsPDF
SAB96, 1996
Abstract The paper reports experiments to test the hypothesis that language is an autonomous evolving adaptive system maintained by a group of distributed agents without central control. The experiments show how a coherent lexicon may spontaneously ...