Language Evolution and Computation Bibliography

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Jordan B. Pollack
Coevolving Communicative Behavior in a Linear Pursuer-Evader GamePDF
SAB98, pages 263--269, 1998
Abstract The pursuer-evader (PE) game is recognized as an important domain in which to study the coevolution of robust adaptive behavior and protean behavior (Miller and Cliff, 1994). Nevertheless, the potential of the game is largely unrealized due to methodological ...
The Evolution of communication schemes over continuous channelsPDF
SAB96, 1996
Abstract Many problems impede the design of multiagent systems, not the least of which is the passing of information between agents. While others hand implement communication routes and semantics, we explore a method by which communication can evolve. In the ...
Coevolving High-Level RepresentationsPDF
Artificial Life III, pages 55-71, 1994
Abstract Several evolutionary simulations allow for a dynamic resizing of the genotype. This is an important alternative to constraining the genotype's maximum size and complexity. In this paper, we add an additional dynamic to simulated evolution with the description of a ...