Language Evolution and Computation Bibliography

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1984 :: JOURNAL
Behavioral and Brain Sciences
The Language Bioprogram Hypothesis
Behavioral and Brain Sciences 7(2):173-222, 1984
Abstract: It is hypothesized that Creole languages are largely invented by children and show fundamental similarities, which derive from a biological program for language. The structures of Hawaiian Pidgin and Hawaiian Creole are contrasted, and evidence is ...
1984 :: EDIT BOOK
Explanations for Language Universals
Self-organizing processes and the explanation of language universals
Explanations for Language Universals, pages 181-203, 1984
1984 :: BOOK
The Biology and Evolution of Language
Harvard University Press, 1984
This book synthesizes much of the exciting recent research in the biology of language. Drawing on data from anatomy, neurophysiology, physiology, and behavioral biology, Lieberman develops a new approach to the puzzle of language, arguing that it is the result ...
Language Learnability and Language Development
Harvard University Press, 1984
In this influential study, Steven Pinker develops a new approach to the problem of language learning. Now reprinted with new commentary by the author, this classic work continues to be an indispensable resource in developmental psycholinguistics. Reviews of this book:" ...