Language Evolution and Computation Bibliography

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Proceedings :: SAB00
Attractors in the Development of CommunicationPDF
SAB00, 2000
Abstract The development of communication in a population of agents is viewed as the behavior of a dynamical system. A deterministic communication system is shown, both experimentally and theoretically, to have point attractors that correspond to perfect ...
Grounding Language About Actions: Mobile Robots Playing Follow Me GamesPDF
SAB00, 2000
Abstract This paper presents a new experiment that has been carried out in the context of the research on the origins of language that is going on at the Free University of Brussels. Two mobile robots ground time series of motor commands into categories. The ...
Talk is cheap: Evolved strategies for communication and action in asymmetrical animal contestsPDF
SAB00, pages 481-490, 2000
Abstract Animal contests over resources are often settled by displays rather than fighting. Contests may involve asymmetries that cannot be perceived, such as unequal fighting ability. Classical gametheoretic accounts suggest that talk is cheap, and that honest ...