Language Evolution and Computation Bibliography

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Journal :: Language Grounding in Robots:
A perceptual system for language game experimentsPDF
Language Grounding in Robots:, pages 89--110, 2012
This chapter describes key aspects of a visual perception system as a key component for language game experiments on physical robots. The vision system is responsible for segmenting the continuous flow of incoming visual stimuli into segments and computing a ...
Open-ended procedural semanticsPDF
Language Grounding in Robots:, pages 153--172, 2012
This chapter introduces the computational infrastructure that is used to bridge the gap between results from sensorimotor processing and language. It consists of a system called Incremental Recruitment Language (IRL) that is able to configure a network of cognitive ...
Emergent action language on real robotsPDF
Language Grounding in Robots:, pages 255--276, 2012
Almost all languages in the world have a way to formulate commands. Commands specify actions that the body should undertake (such as “stand up”), possibly involving other objects in the scene (such as “pick up the red block”). Action language involves various ...