Language Evolution and Computation Bibliography

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K. Fischer
Autonomous Mental Development, IEEE Transactions on 2(3):167--195, 2010
Abstract This position paper proposes that the study of embodied cognitive agents, such as humanoid robots, can advance our understanding of the cognitive development of complex sensorimotor, linguistic, and social learning skills. This in turn will benefit the design of ...
Beyond the sentence: Constructions, frames and spoken interaction
Constructions and Frames 2(2):185--207, 2010
Abstract: Construction grammarians are still quite reluctant to extend their descriptions to units beyond the sentence. However, the theoretical premises of construction grammar and frame semantics are particularly suited to cover spoken interaction from a cognitive ...
Frontiers in neurorobotics 4, 2010
Abstract This paper presents a cognitive robotics model for the study of the embodied representation of action words. The present research will present how an iCub humanoid robot can learn the meaning of action words (ie words that represent dynamical events ...