Language Evolution and Computation Bibliography

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J. Odling-Smee
Science 334(6062):1512--1516, 2011
Abstract Fifty years ago, Ernst Mayr published a hugely influential paper on the nature of causation in biology, in which he distinguished between proximate and ultimate causes. Mayr equated proximate causation with immediate factors (for example, physiology) and ...
Nature Reviews Genetics 11(2):137--148, 2010
Abstract Researchers from diverse backgrounds are converging on the view that human evolution has been shaped by gene–culture interactions. Theoretical biologists have used population genetic models to demonstrate that cultural processes can have a profound ...
Cultural Niche construction: Evolution's Cradle of Language
The Prehistory Of Language 6.0, 2009
Standard evolutionary theory is highly successful, based as it is on solid mathematical foundations and a rich empirical tradition, constantly renewed by exchanges of hypotheses and data among diverse researchers. Yet, despite its successes, it does not provide a ...