Language Evolution and Computation Bibliography

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V. Gallese
Cortex, pages 1--18, 2011
Article history: Received 3 February 2010 Reviewed 27 May 2010 Revised 12 October 2010 Accepted 13 April 2011 Published online xxx Keywords: Language Embodiment Mirror neurons HMOSAIC model of action control abstract
Social neuroscience 3(3-4):317--333, 2008
Abstract This paper discusses the relevance of the discovery of mirror neurons in monkeys and of the mirror neuron system in humans to a neuroscientific account of primates' social cognition and its evolution. It is proposed that mirror neurons and the functional ...
Before and below theory of mind: embodied simulation and the neural correlates of social cognitionPDF
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 362(1480):659--669, 2007
Abstract The automatic translation of folk psychology into newly formed brain modules specifically dedicated to mind-reading and other social cognitive abilities should be carefully scrutinized. Searching for the brain location of intentions, beliefs and desires—as such— ...