Language Evolution and Computation Bibliography

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Bernard H. Bichakjian
Language in a Darwinian Perspective
Peter Lang, 2002
This book breaks the prevailing taboo and argues instead that linguistic features-speech sounds, grammatical distinctions and syntactic strategies-have followed an evolutionary course. Though variation exists and gratuitious changes can be found, an in-depth study ...
Language Evolution and the Complexity Criterion
Psycoloquy 10(033), 1999
Abstract Though it is increasingly accepted in the behavioral sciences, the evolutionary approach is still meeting resistance in linguistics. Linguists generally cling to the idea that alternative linguistic features are simply gratuitous variants of one another, while the ...
Evolution and the biological Correlates of Linguistic Features
Archaeology and Language I. Theoretical and Methodological Orientations, pages 31-42, 1997
Language Evolution and the Shift to Features Characteristic of the Left Hemis phere
Semiotische Prozesse und naturliche Sprache, pages 42-51, 1997
Though some cherish the thought of beholding language in a purely cultural perspective, the more scientifically inclined readily accept the biological underpinning of linguistic features. Sounds, lexical items, and grammatical forms and functions exist because they are ...
Evolution: From Biology to Language
Four Million Years of Hominid Evolution in Africa: Papers in Honour of Dr. Mary Douglas Leakey's Outstanding Contribution in Palaeoanthropology., 1996
Language Evolution: A Darwinian Process
Origins of Semiosis: Sign Evolution in Nature and Culture, pages 269-92., 1994
Unlike biology, where science was able to prevail upon metaphysics as early as the last century, linguistics still lives in the cozy world where the postulated distinction between body and mind provides a rationale for thinking that evolution must be confined to bones and ...
The problems of Extrapolating from Creole to DNA to Protolanguage: A reply to Derek Bickerton
ASCAP Newsletter 6(2):12-15, 1993
Language Evolution: Evidence from Historical Linguistics
Language Origin: A Multidisciplinary Approach, pages 507-26, 1992
Evolution in Language
Karoma, 1988