Language Evolution and Computation Bibliography

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Andrei Popescu-Belis
Incremental Simulations of the Emergence of Grammar: Towards Complex Sentence-Meaning MappingsPDF
Third International Conference on the Evolution of Language, pages 187-190, 2000
Experiments with societies of communicating agents have shown that various communication conventions can emerge in order to express the structure of situations in an environment (eg, Batali 1998, Steels 1997). However, it is often unclear how much implicit ...
Experiments in language acquisition by artificial systemsPDF
Actes MIND-4, 1999
Abstract This paper presents some aspects related to natural language acquisition in our CARAMEL architecture. The CARAMEL model emphasises, at a global level, the importance of both “conscious” and “unconscious” processes for natural language understanding, ...
ICMAS98, pages 383-384, 1998
Abstract The paper describes a population of communicating agents, rewarded for successful dialogs. Agents encode and decode messages about their environment using the TAG formalism. Experimental results show that lexical and word order conventions spread ...