Language Evolution and Computation Bibliography

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Journal :: The shared mind: Perspectives on intersubjectivity
The co-evolution of intersubjectivity and bodily mimesis
The shared mind: Perspectives on intersubjectivity, pages 215--244, 2008
This chapter presents an evolutionary and developmental model, according to which intersubjectivity is intimately tied to bodily mimesis–the use of the body for communicative and representational purposes–to an extent that intersubjectivity can be said to co-evolve ...
Intersubjectivity and the architecture of the language system
The shared mind: Perspectives on intersubjectivity 12:307, 2008
Certain lexical and grammatical units encode aspects of intersubjective coordination. On the basis of discourse connectives, and especially of negation and complementation, linguistic communication is argued to be inherently 'argumentative', a matter of influencing other ...