Language Evolution and Computation Bibliography

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Journal :: Musicae Scientiae
Cognitive function, origin, and evolution of musical emotions
Musicae Scientiae 16(2):185--199, 2012
Abstract Based on recent advancements in cognitive science and mathematical models of the mind, this paper proposes a hypothesis on a fundamental role of music in cognition, and in the evolution of the mind, consciousness, and cultures. The vocalizations of proto- ...
Some parallels between language and music from a cognitive and evolutionary perspectivePDF
Musicae Scientiae 13(2 suppl):201--226, 2009
Abstract Parallels between language and music are considered as a useful basis for examining possible evolutionary pathways of these achievements. Such parallels become apparent if we compare clauses and syllables in language with phrases and notes in ...
Did Neanderthals and other early humans sing? Seeking the biological roots of music in the territorial advertisements of primates, lions, hyenas, and wolvesPDF
Musicae Scientiae 13(2 suppl):291--320, 2009
Abstract Group defence of territories is found in many gregarious mammalian carnivores, including lions, canids, and hyenas. In these taxa, group members often mark territory boundaries and direct aggressive behaviour towards alien conspecifics found within the ...