Language Evolution and Computation Bibliography

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Journal :: Journal of Neurolinguistics
Meaning and the brain: The neurosemantics of referential, interactive, and combinatorial knowledge
Journal of Neurolinguistics 25(5):423--459, 2012
Which types of nerve cell circuits enable humans to use and understand meaningful signs and words? Philosophers were the first to point out that the arbitrary links between signs and their meanings differ fundamentally between semantic word types. Neuroscience provided ...
Nonfluent aphasia and the evolution of proto-language
Journal of Neurolinguistics 24(2):136--144, 2011
This paper briefly explores the relevance of patterns of related symptoms of nonfluent aphasia arising from left inferior frontal brain damage for the evolution of speech, language and gesture. I discuss aphasic lexical speech automatisms (LSAs) and their resolution ...
Syntax facit saltum
Journal of Neurolinguistics 10(2/3):231-249, 1997