Language Evolution and Computation Bibliography

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Journal :: Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive psychology 60(2):107--126, 2010
Many human interactions involve pieces of information being passed from one person to another, raising the question of how this process of information transmission is affected by the cognitive capacities of the agents involved. Bartlett (1932) explored the influence of ...
Cognitive psychology 60(4):291--318, 2010
We argue that the grammatical diversity observed among the world's languages emerges from the struggle between individual cognitive systems trying to impose their preferred structure on human language. We investigate the cognitive bases of the two most common ...
How children make language out of gesture: Morphological structure in gesture systems developed by American and Chinese deaf children
Cognitive Psychology 55(2):87--135, 2007
When children learn language, they apply their language-learning skills to the linguistic input they receive. But what happens if children are not exposed to input from a conventional language? Do they engage their language-learning skills nonetheless, applying them to ...