Language Evolution and Computation Bibliography

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Journal :: Animal Behaviour
The language void: the need for multimodality in primate communication research
Animal Behaviour 81(5):919--924, 2011
Theories of language evolution often draw heavily on comparative evidence of the communicative abilities of extant nonhuman primates (primates). Many theories have argued exclusively for a unimodal origin of language, usually gestural or vocal. Theories ...
What do animal signals mean?PDF
Animal Behaviour 78(2):233--240, 2009
Animal communication studies often use analogies to human language and related constructs such as information encoding and transfer. This commonality is evident even when research goals are very different, for example when primate vocalizations are ...
A multidimensional approach to investigations of behaviour: revealing structure in animal communication signals
Animal Behaviour 76(5):1749--1760, 2008
Methods One of the goals of presenting a new method is to shift our perception of animal communication from a unimodal process to a distributed network of collaborating modalities, mimicking the distributed processes of disparate brain regions that collaborate for sensory ...